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Primary New Enrolment / Change of Enrolment Form - Primary Schools

Student Details

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Previous Music Experience

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Instrument / Voice /
Theory of Music
School / Teacher Year Commenced Year Completed Music Grade / Level Achieved

Tuition Details


All students that are enrolling in the Foundation Program must make a 1st and 2nd choice of instrument.

Development Program students returning are guaranteed their place on their 2016 instrument.

If a returning student decides to change instrument, they then move to the Foundation Program and also must make a 1st and 2nd choice of instrument.


Please select two different instruments in order of preference:

Preference 1

Preference 2

Instrument Hire Yes No


($300 p.a. without
instrument hire)

Fees are payable as a payment plan as determined by the individual school.

Terms and Conditions Agreement

I have read, understood and accepted the terms, notes and conditions of music tuition as outlined in the Music Information Booklet.